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“WASO” is a global skincare line within the Shiseido family, built on the natural principles of Japanese cuisine (washoku).

In an effort to appeal to a more global, younger consumer, monopo was invited to devise a campaign that would authentically celebrate the roots of the range without becoming preachy. monopo was responsible for the planning and execution of the campaign across film, key visuals, and social media.

  • Creative Direction
  • Video Production
  • Social media design
  • Photography
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dateJan 19
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WASO: A fresh take on Japanese skincare to woo a younger audience

While Shiseido had a range of very successful lines in its portfolio, the WASO range was a new line specifically designed to align with the values and preferences of a new global cohort of conscious beauty buyers. Leaning into its heritage, WASO incorporated products and processes typically found in Japanese cuisine. To effectively communicate this essence, this campaign aimed to engage a global audience of young Millennials and early Gen Z. We developed a campaign that was designed to revitalise traditional skincare communications and play out effortlessly on global social channels.

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Playful education through a colourful game of Karuta

The campaign centred around the concept of “karuta”, a Japanese game of speed and wit that’s a staple of Japanese youth. We created a colourful version of the traditional game and used it as a canvas to playfully educate people across the world of the different Japanese ingredients that make up the WASO range. Starring roles were reserved for ingredients like the familiar wasabi or the less familiar momiji oroshi (grated white radish and chilli pepper).

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  • Karuta
  • Washoku
  • Wasabi
  • Karuta
  • Washoku
  • Wasabi
Vibrant veggie glory

We established a brightly coloured aesthetic for the campaign, mimicking the vibrancy of the natural ingredients within the product and the speed of the Karuta game mechanic. Products were shot with harsh shadows, as if exposed to a lush flow of glorious sunlight. Japanese washoku ingredients had both protagonist and cameo roles

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Cards on the table

The main campaign film features two people playing their own version of a skincare karuta game, inspired by WASO’s step-free skincare routine. As the game progresses, we are taken on a tour of WASO’s key ingredients (and transported into a universe where not everything has to make sense, as long as you enjoy the ride).

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A six-month calendar of celebrations

In addition to brand and product visuals, our campaign also included collaborations with various influencers, producing “karuta”-inspired content, and CG content. By diversifying the type of content, the six-month long campaign was able to continually engage and involve the target audience with the YAKUMIX concept.

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Widening our world of play

To round off the growing excitement for the campaign, we developed a simple online game that expanded on the concept of play. Users were invited to a vegetable version of the popular ring toss game to test their skills and techniques, and playfully extend their knowledge of the WASO core ingredients.

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  • Creative Director: Lessa Chung (monopo Tokyo)
  • Creative Planner & Content Producer: Asako Tomotani (monopo Tokyo)
  • Content Producer: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)
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  • Agency: NEWPEACE Inc.
  • Brand Vision Producer: Asuka Otani (NEWPEACE Inc.)
  • Art Director & Designer: Hiroka Hasegawa (H inc.)
  • Director: Kyotaro Hayashi (DRAWING AND MANUAL)
  • Assistant Director: Yuka Yamaguchi (DRAWING AND MANUAL)
  • Cinematographer: Ryo Saito (amanaphotography)
  • Light: Naoto Tanoue
  • Stylist: Bunta Shimizu
  • Makeup: Reiko Ito (SHISEIDO)
  • Hair: Jun Nakamura (SHISEIDO)
  • Art: Mayumi Okamoto
  • Food Stylist: Yuko Nakazawa
  • Model: MEGUMU
  • Model: RINA HAGAI
  • Sound: Satoshi Murai
  • Editor: Kotomi Kawasaki (IMAGICA Lab)
  • Production Producer: Hiroki Goto (wonderactive)
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