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monopo was invited to help the Japanese fashion brand CFCL deliver an impactful debut presentation at SS23 Paris Fashion Week by adding a video layer to the PLAnet concept of the physical show.

Taking over the Toguna space at the Palais de Tokyo, we worked closely with artist Nile Koetting and Director Sebastian Beyrer to develop a video approach that captures the full presentation but also elaborates on details that might not be noticed during the show.

  • Video Production
  • Cultural bridge
deliverableCollection film
dateApr 23
CFCL’s Paris Fashion Week debut

CFCL lives with one foot in the future. As a Japan-born international brand striving to redefine the fashion industry, CFCL, short for "Clothing For Contemporary Life," creates high-end knitwear using computer-assisted textile modeling, setting new standards for sustainability and transparency. For SS23, CFCL wanted to share its vision with the world during its first ever Paris Fashion Week presentation.

  • Galaxy
  • Otherwordly
  • Blue planet
  • Galaxy
  • Otherwordly
  • Blue planet
Documenting the show while expanding on its core concept

Taking over the Toguna space at the Palais de Tokyo, CFCL created an otherworldly display around the theme of “PLAnet”; a blue galaxy that humorously expresses what the future of contemporary life could look like if positive and sustainable practices would become the norm in fashion. monopo was invited to develop a film approach that captured the presentation for those unable to attend. 


While the initial brief was to simply document the show, we added a second "universe" to the presentation by creating a film set within the show space and adding a second layer of meaning to the CFCL “PLAnet” via video content. Working closely with artist and scenographer Nile Koetting (the creator of the original PLAnet concept for the presentation) and Director Sebastian Beyrer, we developed a video approach that rang true to the concept of PLAnet and elaborates on details that might not be noticed during the actual presentation. A Steadicam floating camera technique conveyed a sense of weightlessness in outer space.

  • Scenography
  • Outer space
  • Textures
  • Scenography
  • Outer space
  • Textures

In addition to the live presentation, we shot scenes focusing on garment textures and design details in a small set at the venue. By weaving these clips with footage of the presentation, we conveyed both CFCL's world view and the collection's intricate details.

Marrying the speed of Paris Fashion Week with the challenges of remote production 

Paris Fashion Week is a notoriously fast environment where every eventuality needs to be anticipated and production needs to happen on-the-go. We assembled an experienced team that was ready for the challenge. Together, we delivered the master film within 24 hours of the live presentation.

To ensure efficient collaboration and approvals, we established a remote production system, allowing the Japan-based brand team to be closely involved. monopo provided multilingual (French-Japanese-English) production support, managing communication to create a clear process for the talent and CFCL brand team.

  • CFCL Founder & Creative Director: Yusuke Takahashi
  • Scenography and Artwork: Nile Koetting
  • Choreography and Movement Design: Dylan Spencer-Davidson
  • Sound Design: Nozomu Matsumoto
  • Producer: Asako Tomotani (monopo)
  • Art Director: Mei Kanamoto (monopo New York)
  • Planner: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)
  • Film Production: Left Productions
  • Director and Director of Photography: Sebastian Beyrer
  • Film Producer: Joe Lukawski
  • Line Producer: Benoit Berland
  • Production Assistant: Hana Taleb
  • 1st AD: Juliette Houdent
  • Location Manager: Mathieu Populus
  • Steadicam Operator: Remi Quilichini
  • 1st AC: Adrien Savary
  • Key Gaffer: Hugo Dos Santos
  • Gaffer: Solal Brussel, Julien Jardin
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